Research Overview

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The research of the ICARUS group aims at to main objectives:
  • The automation and development of on-board avionics and ground systems in order to support either manned and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) while providing high levels of flexibility and low development costs.
  • The improvement of Air Transportation efficiency while reducing its environmental impact and therefore, considering Air Transportation sustainability as a broad concept. In this area, we specially focus in Air Traffic Management (ATM) and aircraft operations.

As a combination of these two main goals, a special research line is devoted to ATM automation  together with the integration of UAS in civil airspaceUAS applications are also focus of the research along with the management of their missions while keeping in mind that current manned operations and ATM systems could indeed benefit from most of the technology that is developed for UAS applications.

In order to address our two main objectives we use extensively Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) along with methods and techniques coming from Computer Science (CS) and Operational Research (OR) disciplines. Moreover, we also focus and develop specific applications for both UAS and Air Transportation research lines.