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UAS activities

Some pictures of our UAVs, ground stations, and UAS related activities.

Like most beginnings it was difficult at first but we had fun and learned a lot!!! (2006-2007)



Test with Shadow Airframes (2007)

SKY-EYE at EETAC (2009-2010)


Initial flight test of the SkyEye platform. Manned flight oriented to evaluate the performance of the on-board electrical power system and camera during flight.


First JellyFish Test (2010-2011)

SkyEye system test flight previous to a jellyfish monitoring mission over water. A collaboration between UPC and CSIC.

Jellyfish Operational Mission (2012)


SkyEye system Jellyfish monitoring mission over the cost of Catalonia (Sant Carles de la Rapita).


Sky-Eye Autonomous Test Flight 2 - Platform calibration and test under heavy load and strong winds.