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ICARUS in the media!

Follow our appearances in the media
  • Oct 2019. Cristina Barrado, presenting the results of WP4 of the CORUS-SESAR project, was referenced at Unmanned Airspace portal.  The work on WP4 had three parts: the review of the current European regulation, the best practices for drone operators and a proposal of indicators to measure the social impact of drones in terms of safety, economy and acceptance. The main results of the project were also summarized in a previous entry of the portal.
  • March 2017. Enric Pastor, Marc Perez-Batlle and some other members of ICARUS participated in a BarcelonaTV graphic report. The program Deu Watts, focused in the dissemination of scientific and research activities, broadcast on Tuesday night (21st of March 2017) a program around drones. Enric Pastor was interviewed as leader of the group and Marc Perez-Batlle as one of the PhD students of the group (in Catalan)
  • May. 2010. Luis Delgado talking about ATM optimisation at (in Catalan).
  • Feb. 2008. Xavier Prats talking about UAVs at (in Catalan).
  • Joshua Tristancho in FREDNET team for the Google Lunar X-Price