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CORUS Exploratory workshop

The CORUS project has hold his Exploratory workshop at the EETAC school of the UPC, hosted by the ICARUS research group
  • 3-year PhD contract sponsored by EUROCONTROL

  • Hosted by the ICARUS research group, the CORUS project has hold its Exploratory Workshop at the EETAC school of the UPC university.

  • Open position for a 4 years internship for a full-time work on a PhD Thesis.

  • The ICARUS project has been selected as one of the best WP-E Long Term and Innovative Research projects of SESAR to give a formal presentation in the SESAR 1 close-out event. The presentation will take place next June 14th in Amsterdam and will sit alongside the presentation of the European Commissioner about the importance of exploratory research in Air Traffic management (ATM), and the concluding remarks given by the SESAR JU Chief of ATM, David Bowen.

  • ICARUS has participated in the Third CORUS U-space workshop in Rome

  • Tuesday March 21st the research done at the ICARUS group appeared in Bacelona city local TV. The program DeuWatts, devoted to dissemination of scientific advances, published a new graphic report about Drones. The video is fully available as BTV on demand website at or using the direct link bellow (in catalan)

  • Martin A. Lopez, from the M.I.T., has been in a summer trainship at Castelldefels working with the ICARUS research group from the 25 of May 2015 to the 31 of July 2015. On July 29th 2015 he did a presentation to the research group about the results of his work.

  • Maria Uebbing-Rumke and Michael Finke visit the ICARUS research group at UPC, Campus of Castelldefels, during the 23rd and 24th of March 2015.

  • During his visit to the ICARUS research group, Denis Koehl, from the SESAR JU, will present the following conference: Title: Integrating RPAS into the European ATM system Speaker: Denis Koehl, Senior Advisor to the Executive Director, SESAR Joint Undertaking, Brussels Date and Place: March 12th 2015, at 11:00, in PMT C4-001, Castelldefels

  • Dr. Martin A. Montes-Hugo, Professor on Remote Sensing at the Université du Québec à Rimouski, Canada visited the ICARUS group on May 2013.