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Robust data fusion for 4D conflict-free optimal trajectories in a highly automated ATM system

Sponsors: HALA! SESAR WP-E network and ASCAM-CTAE


Initial date: Jun 2012 -- Final date: Jun 2016

Contract Number: 10-220210 (HALA! network)

Partners: UPC
Project Lider: UPC
ICARUS team: Xavier Prats, Enric Pastor  
ICARUS Principal Investigator: Xavier Prats

HALA! is a Research Network established within the framework of SESAR WP-E to spearhead long term and innovative research in ATM in pursuit of the SESAR 2020 vision and beyond . HALA is the acronym for “Higher Automation Levels in ATM” which is also the focus of the network. HALA! places PhD research at the core of its activities as a vital component in the achievement of its goals. Every two years HALA! shall ask participants to propose PhD projects on any topic in the area of ‘Automation in Air Traffic Management’ that will be funded by the Research Network. This PhD is co-funded by HALA! network and ASCAMM-CTAE. 

In this PhD, it is proposed to investigate data fusion methods to improve the assessment of hazardous situations along 4D trajectories. Then, performance metrics such as accuracy, integrity, availability, continuity and other applicable parameters to support performance-based operations will be assessed and will serve as a basis for robust 4D trajectory optimisation. Thus, it is expected to develop a whole optimisation framework for aircraft trajectories, while defining the ground automation system and associated decision support tools; and to study the data performance for trajectory modelling, description, exchange and de-confliction requirements. This methodology will be applied in two challenging scenarios: operations in high density TMAs (Terminal Manoeuvring Areas) and oceanic (or remote) operations. 

PhD candidate: Santi Vilardaga
PhD temptative title:
Robust data fusion for 4D conflict-free optimal trajectories in a highly automated ATM system